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Rev. Dr. Tim Beadle, a self-declared ‘citiot,’ has spent the past fifteen years visiting rural communities and church ministries throughout Canada. His journey changed his life as he rediscovered the uniqueness of those who provide leadership and spiritual care to ninety percent of our national landscape. He returned to school and earned a doctoral degree in Rural Ministry and Community Development. Without a united voice for those who speak on behalf of rural pastors, this book declares it is time to turn over a new leaf in our appreciation of rural pastors and those gather in faith communities beyond cityscapes across our country. In-depth research and candid encounters with pastors from every Canadian province /NWT are reflected in the book.

In 2011 Tim co-founded the Rural Church Pastor’s Network (RCPN) a non-denominational organization designed to offer hope and encouragement to rural pastors, along with an array of pastoral and church based leadership materials created specifically for rural pastors.

Tim has a deep love for the local church and has pastored churches over the past 30 years. He has served as a denominational church coach for 15 years, engaging with pastors and leaders to hear God’s voice and align their ministries to become more meaningfully relevant in our current culture. He has also led seminars and spoken at conferences across Canada related to church health and wellness.

He also has a deep conviction that Christ followers need to return to obeying Jesus’ commission to make disciples that make disciples. You can connect with his weekly podcast on Disciple Making. He also has a YouTube channel that contains a series of Tim Talk Disciple Making episodes with coaching questions.

Tim continues to engage Church leaders across Canada. If you would like to connect with him he would love to hear from you!