"In Turning Over a New Leaf, Dr. Beadle offers engaging portraits of rural life and ministry that are honest, surprising, sometimes even shocking, but always laced with hope and compassion.  He challenges us to see the church through a rural, rather than 'citiot' lens to get past stereotypes and discover the depth of community life and Christian discipleship that so many rural churches embody.  It’s must-read for rural and urban church leaders.  And Beadle’s tools for reviving and assessing rural ministry should be on every denominational leader’s desk!"

Rev. Dr. Cameron Harder
LTD Professor Emeritus Systematic Theology
Centre for Rural Community Leadership and Ministry

"I am delighted to strongly recommend, Turning Over A New Leaf.  This book is not only enjoyable to read, it is deeply biblical, well thought through and VERY practical. It is field tested and addresses most key issues faced by any churches regardless of size and location. From my time as a church planter, pastor, denominational leader and now a coach of International Churches, I feel this book is a must read for all of us called to serve Jesus. Dr Tim Beadle has and still is engaged in Church ministry and I have followed his suggestions many times with great success, may this book inspire you to trust God and try great things through His Church as well!"

Rev. Dr Ken Driedger
Global Church Effectiveness Coach
Missional International Church Network

"Tim Beadle has written an incredible guidebook for rural pastors across our nation. Turning Over A New Leaf, is the result of 15 years of listening to and working with pastors in rural settings. In addition, he has gleaned insight through his own study and research in this field. This has equipped him to be able to provide practical tools, metrics and strategies which will assist those in a rural setting build a blueprint for their church to thrive.  I do believe that Beadle’s book could be the main textbook for a seminary course on rural ministry.  And while it is an invaluable read and resource for rural pastors, I, as the pastor of large urban church for almost 30 years would have profoundly benefitted in having a better understanding of my friends in rural ministry.  “Turning Over A New Leaf” is worth the read for every pastor, rural or urban."

Rev. Marshall Eizenga
Co-Director Kerith Creek Ministry Retreat Centre
Focus on the Family Canada

"Dr. Tim Beadle is a multiplier.  That’s how he rolls; constantly investing himself as an instrument of God’s grace and blessing into the lives of those around him with a particular focus on empowering church leaders.  Part of his enduring legacy is his love, advocacy and support for rural churches and pastors.  It all began with his personal awareness of how different life and leadership looks beyond the urbanity of Canada, which led to curiosity, which led to doctoral studies, which led to the creation of countless leadership resources in support of rural churches and pastors. It is out of this rich soil that I commend Tim’s newest book to you.  If you are from the city, Turning Over a New Leaf will be an eye-opening reveal on the uniqueness and beauty of rural life and ministry.  Prepare yourself for a paradigm shift.  If you are from the land beyond metro, small towns and places of sparse population, I think you’ll find this book insightful, encouraging and empowering.  Prepare yourself for a swell of country pride.  Read and enjoy!"

Rev. Brent Trask
District Superintendent
The Alliance Canada - Western District

"If you are pastoring in one of Canada's small towns and looking for support from someone who has studied rural ministry – and coached multiple pastors through its ups and downs – then you've come to the right place. Dr. Beadle's book will encourage your heart and help once again to fan into flame your rural calling."

Major Dr. Mark Wagner
Corps Mission Resource Secretary
The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda

"Having had the privilege of having Tim as a coach and also working with him and others to begin the Rural Church Pastors Network, I can heartily recommend this book to you.  It is an especially important read for those who do not have rural roots and may be considering a ministry position in one of the various kinds of “rural settings” Tim so aptly describes.  It is also an important resource for those who give any level of care and support to those already serving in our wonderful rural communities.  For those who have been in rural ministry a long time, Tim’s emphasis on the fact that small does not equal insignificant will resonate with you and bring encouragement.  Well done friend!”

Rev. Wayne Neumiller
Pastor - Irma Alliance Church
Rural Church Pastors Network

"In Turning over a new Leaf Tim has provided insight into the real world of our Rural Communities and, more specifically, Rural Churches. I recognize it may be a cliché, but this book is decades overdue. I highly recommend this as a “must” read for anyone wishing to pastor a rural church or fill any other leadership positions in a rural setting. This highly researched and plainly written book is priceless in its focus on the rural life, is easy to understand, and highly relevant. Simply put, what Tim has discovered and so articulately recorded would have made my life so much easier, as I worked to understand the various aspects of the Rural Communities. When you read this book, you will want to either stay in your rural community or try to get into one. Thank you, Tim."

Rev. R.D. (Bob) Wiebe
Pastor Emeritus, Alliance Canada
RCMP Sargent (retired)

"Turning Over A New Leaf is well researched with good insights into the various dynamics of different rural ministry settings. Written from the perspective of an outside observer intent on understanding rural church dynamics, the book helps those within rural ministry settings to see themselves and their context better while providing a great primer for those considering rural church ministry. Many books in this area come across as a "one size fits all" whereas this book gives insights into how not all rural settings are the same. A practitioner may recognize themselves in one of settings while learning something about the dynamics of a different rural setting. HIghly recommended for those in ministerial training who may find themselves considering a rural ministry (would be a great book assigned to a pastoral ministry class), and also for denominational leaders who sometimes struggle with appreciated the unique dynamics of rural ministry in light of the greater "airtime" that urban ministries often receive. If you are considering rural ministry and want to increase your understanding of what you are getting into (rather than learning it "all" the "hard way"), this is worthy place to start!"

Rev. Kevin Roberts
Fort MacLeod Alliance Church

"While the urban pastor shepherds a congregation, the rural pastor shepherds and influences an entire community.  Dr Beadle explains so well how a rural leader, among other things, is blessed to engage with new Canadians settling in his county."

Rev. Dr. Ron Brown
Missions Mobilizer
Kairos Canada

"Tim Beadle has given churches and pastors a gift in what I consider an excellent primer for those who are called to pastor the 90% of churches in Canada that are small and rural.  He elevates the significance of serving them; highlights the unique joys that come with small town ministry; and helps pastors and churches to see their value in the Kingdom of God.  He shares excellent stories that help picture life as a pastor and gives conceptual frameworks for understanding towns and churches, for not all of them are alike.  It made me look back with nostalgia to the joys I had in pastoral ministry in rural western Canada. I wish I had it in my hands at the start of my ministry 40+ years ago."

Rev. Don Harder
District Superintendent
Alberta Parkland District of the EFCC

"If you are in any kind of leadership role requiring you to sharpen your understanding of God’s Rural Church ministry, then get into Tim Beadle’s new book Turning Over A New Leaf. The book is Tim’s personal story of diving into rural church leadership and learning on the road. The book is full of valuable insights and wisdom mixed with plenty of humor. As I laughed at Tim’s experiences, I learned valuable lessons on enriching leadership through the Rural Church."

Rev. Tim Seim
Evangelical Free Church of Canada Superintendent

"Tim states: "Rural ministry differs in being driven by personal needs rather than a corporate, purposeful approach. . . Rural rhythms would maintain that shepherds don’t drive a flock, they lead them!" As a person who grew up connected to the rural setting in Alberta, these statements reflect a different culture than an urban mindset. I’ve been helped to lay aside getting the job done to grow a church, and focus on building relationships in difficult situations, based upon the Good News as Jesus did in his rural setting of Palestine. Not only is the book a good read but has discussion points for the pastor & churches to evaluate their ministry because of the uniqueness of rural life."

Rev. Mal Wagner
Transitional Pastor
Canadian Church of God Ministries

"Having pastored in rural communities for twenty-nine years I found, Turning Over A New Leaf, to be a refreshing and necessary reminder of the uniqueness of rural ministry and life. A helpful and encouraging read."

Rev. Bill Klumpenhower
Pastor, Mont Nebo SK

" 'Turning Over a New Leaf’ offers great insight, encouragement, and practical guidance for those in rural ministry and those supporting rural ministers.  I have served in a variety of missionary and local church leadership roles over the past 25 years.  Recently I accepted a role a Denominational District Coach in a district with 12 rural churches.  Tim’s ability to explain the unique challenges and blessings of rural ministry has been a tremendous help as I reach out to support our churches in that context. The tools and resources that he provides have proven to be a genuine asset for learning and effective support."

Rev. Ken Wilson
Baptist General Conference of Canada District Coach

"Speaking out of a deep passion for the rural church, Tim Beadle offers a practical guide to what has too often been a forgotten part of church life in Canada. He breaks down the myths that have hindered rural churches and offers practical help to those who need it. This book is not designed for the theoretician but for the practitioner in the field. I recommend it highly."

Rev. Dr. Ron Johnston
Director - Small Church Connections

"I just received Tim's book in the mail - I devoured it, late into the night - and will read it again more contemplatively.  I am hoping to lend it to my board members for them to read as well."

Pastor Mark Goodbrand
Wimborne Alliance Church