If you were to predict the year when, on the face of the earth, more people lived in cities than they did in rural areas, what would your answer be? Would you be shocked if you learned the answer is 2007?

Think about that truth and you’ve found a great reason to ‘turn over a new leaf’ in understanding God’s heart for those who live in rural areas… the very place Jesus entered our world… the very places across our country God continues to reveal Himself afresh and anew in ways we need to sit up and pay attention to!

Without a united voice for those who speak on behalf of rural pastors, this book declares it is time to turn over a new leaf in our appreciation of rural pastors and those gather in faith communities beyond cityscapes across our country. In-depth research and candid encounters with pastors from across the Canadian provinces and territories fill the 275 pages in the areas of:

• Challenging Rural Stigmas and Stereotypes
• Jesus the Rural Teacher/Preacher
• Seven Types of Rural Church Communities
• Understanding Diversity in Rural Life and Ministry
• The Practices of a Thriving Rural Church
• Rural Pastors - Outstanding in their Field
• Help Wanted - In Support of Rural Ministry

The book introduces a new set of qualitative metrics to measure the health and well-being of rural churches. Also, a resource is shared that enables leaders to conduct a ‘rapid community analysis’ of their rural context to more fully understand the place God has appointed them to in ministry. The book provides an enriching read for all audiences...

For those living in urban areas, challenges that include principles for learning to live life at God’s pace.
For those who live in rural areas, a challenge to stop comparing yourself to urban centres, and to rediscover again the uniqueness of your community that provides all you that you need in developing a thriving expression of ministry.
For those entrusted with denominational responsibilities overseeing those serving rural ministry, ‘Top Ten’ practical suggestions to encourage and equip your pastors are provided, with topics for meaningful dialogue.